Welcome Aboard!

Canoe Pass Village is a ‘5 star‘ floating home community with 43 unique strata titled properties. This development was the first strata titled floating village in Canada and has often been referred to as ‘BC’s premiere floating home community’. The community is located near the mouth of the most southerly arm of the great Fraser River; the area know as Canoe Pass. We enjoy a secure, mostly serene, scenic, waterfront, environmentally rich, maritime quality of life – and many of us are boaters who tie up at our own private docks adjacent to our homes with the added pleasure of no moorage fees.

We are located in a rural wetlands across from Westham Island near the Reifel Bird Sanctuary.  We are surrounded by a wide variety of wildlife all year round. There are several breeding pairs of eagles visible from our decks and patios with the closest nest only 100 or so metres from our property line. Seals feast on the returning Salmon and ducks, swans, geese, loons, grebes swim around our homes every day raising families and searching for food. For part of the year about 100,000 snow geese migrate here from Siberia to spend the winter. The result; the farm fields are covered in white. Occasionally, a colony of Snowy Owl will winter nearby. We name only a few of natures wonders that constantly keep us amazed.

Basically, there are three titles for each home owner.

  1. Everyone owns a 1/43rd strata title interest in approximately 400′(frontage) X 100′ of waterfront land with a common water lease plus improvements. We are on municipal water and operate our own state of the art organic sewage treatment facility.  Parking area, garages and gardens are situated on this ‘Uplands’ area.  The shared property value is approximately $5,000,000.
  2. In addition, we each own our own water lot lease. The annual lease cost is included in our monthly maintenance fees.
  3. Further, we each own our own unique custom built floating home.

The water lot lease will be renewed and registered at the Land Title Office for an additional 20 years – starting in January 2015.

We expect that the water lease will enjoy continued renewals since we own the foreshore and, as a result, the water lots can only be used by us.

We are very proud of our high standard of maintenance and upkeep of the development and have planned for unexpected events by accumulating a very healthy contingency reserve.

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